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[UPDATED] PRETTY-KUN // Jin kamiyama-KA by Tuna-Senpai [UPDATED] PRETTY-KUN // Jin kamiyama-KA by Tuna-Senpai
:new: I updated some stuff, since JIN'S NOW IN A RELATIONSHIP YESSSSSSS <3 <3 <3

Name : Kamiyama (神山), Jin (仁) or (진; in korean)
( Meaning:
(in different languages) Bright, Beautiful, Precious, Consideration, Kindness )

Age : 18 Years old
Height : 163 cm (He's short, for his age) :iconfsteakplz:
Club : Gardening (Primary)  & Baseball (Secondary)
Sexual Orientation : gay :iconchiepokerplz: somehow Bisexual

Personality :

Jin is somehow shy when it comes to strangers. He always gets all fidgety when it comes to introducing himself to someone who's new to him. Jin is also well mannered, he uses curse words ONLY if he can't handle any anger that's within him. But, usually he tries to not use any curse words when he's on rage. He's also the guy who uses "-senpai" or "-san" to anyone (even if that person is younger than him, he'll use it anyway), to show that he Respects anyone. Jin also had this Loyal type. He's the guy that will ALWAYS stick with you once he's fond to your persona. Although, sometimes Jin can be a pessimist to some other things like calculus (usually something that he dislikes or something that, to him, is unreachable for him).

     Sometimes, Jin can be a Loner, Probably because he spends most of his childhood time alone (although his grandma and his grandpa was accompanying him) , and he was used to this situation (But it's not like he likes to be alone or something), and a Quite type, which probably because he's shy to actually start a proper conversation to strangers that he barely don't know (This is where Jin is the type of guy who sometimes afraid to take chances, for example, befriend with someone new ) But in General, Jin is a Happy kind of person, who will keep his life as cheerful as possible. (This takes to the fact that Jin, Generally, likes to stay positive, Even though his life has its ups and downs, He'll try to be happy and just.. deal with it).

:new: TLTR (SUMMARY) : So basically, Even though Jin's overall pretty and such (and yes he attracts many people so his boyfriend should aware of this) , he has this weak side of him and somehow shy. But, don't worry, He's not the type who uses his "pretty" feature and flirts to everyone (Especially, since now he already got a boyfriend). Jin can also get jealous easily + a crybaby.


    Since Jin parents work for a Korean Company, Jin's parents always goes to Korea and stays there, for months (usually). Because of this, Jin always spend his childhood with his Grandparents. Jin also learn Korean, since his parents always speaks Korean (to their clients and friends at work) and Jin (as a child) wants to try to speak different languages (because it's cool and such :iconadachimurdersplz:). Few years later, He was enrolled in a Elementary school near his neighborhood. He was pretty happy with his Childhood, Although he wishes for a enough time for spending the time with his parents, who is always busy with work. Jin did lived in Korea for a month, during his school break.

    As a Teen, Jin was this beautiful type of person in his neighborhood, even in his middle school. Every girl in his school adores his face, even though Jin feels that his face was rather ordinary. Some girls thought that Jin was half korean, since, he can speak Korean fluently. When the fact is that he's a Japanese, Nothing else. Not only girls, Even some Guys in his school thinks that he's "cute" and "pretty" (plus, he's short so yeah) . This makes Jin rather uncomfortable, since, he's a guy and the "cute" and "pretty" personality doesn't fit him. But, he keeps it all on his mind, because he don't want to make any fuss on things :iconsryyea:

    Jin was pretty confused on choosing High-school. His parents did offer him to continue in Korea, so that he can live in Korea with his parents. His parents gave Jin some optional Private High-schools in Korea, and Jin was interested with his parents offer, but His grandmother suggested him to enroll in a school that is not far away, since, His grandma doesn't want Jin to lived in a place that is far away from her. So, Jin decided to stay with his grandma and his Grandpa. His Parents was okay with this, and they decided to put Jin on Kodaiki-Academy.

:new: :bulletblue: Tatsuya, his bf  //cOUGH cOUgh <3 <3 <3 

(How it goes: It was a VERY AWKWARD moment they got there. Tatsuya was having this some sort of a Admiration-at first sight for Jin, and Jin was quite fond of Tatsuya. Eventually, Tatsuya asked Jin out, and since Jin feels the same way about Tatsuya, he agreed. And so, the two nerds starts a relationship <3 <3 <3)

:bulletblue: BASEBALL!! 
:bulletblue: Video Games (Tends to buy the latest Video games) :iconchiepokerplz:
:bulletblue: Fresh Air
:bulletblue: Candies
:bulletblue: Strawberry Milk
:bulletblue: Shin Ramyun Instant Noodle
:bulletblue: Bibimbap 
:bulletblue: people who's nice to him
:new: :bulletblue: Daegu. don't know why tho
:new: :bulletblue: Korean related


:bulletred: anyone who dares to flirt with Tatsuya. especially if the person who flirts is pretty
( watch out this pretty boi is a possessive lil puppy )
:bulletred: Perverts (Once groped by one in the train from Incheon to Seoul :iconkanjilikesdudesplz: , was REALLY mad about it)
:bulletred: Soju
:bulletred: Dark Chocolate
:bulletred: Girls who tends to date guys over his looks
:bulletred: Jet Lags :iconspacetiredplz:
:bulletred: Calculus :iconpapcryplz: :iconihavetopee2plz:
:new: :bulletred: smokes


:bulletgreen: His phone's (language) is in Korean. So, it's pretty useless for anyone to hijack his phone (somehow) . Except if that person is a Korean, or at least understand the language :iconheplz:

:bulletgreen: Had some Manhwa ( A korean manga ) collection :iconureshiiryojidaisyplz:
:bulletgreen: his hair was longer when he was still in middle school, but he cut it into what it is now because he needed a change

:bulletgreen: Learn Korean from His Mom, and his Grandma teaches him Japanese, so that he won't forget Japanese Language
:bulletgreen: some girls in his middle school did ship him with some guys. And they (the girls) always put Jin in the Uke position. :icongtthplz:

:new: :bulletgreen: his voice (… , and that "hehe" part suits him a lot i swear

:new: :bulletgreen: Club(s) : Gardening Club & Baseball club <3 <3
:new: :bulletgreen: Dorm room B-1-03 , Locker number 84.

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he's a total loser i swear :iconihavetopee2plz:
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